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Towards A Centre for Sustainability in Leeds?

A ’Centre for Sustainability’ in Leeds

I put forward this introductory note and invitation to join a debate, suggesting that Leeds would benefit from a venue which disseminates information and initiatives relating to sustainability, a ‘Centre for Sustainability in Leeds’, encouraging people to reconsider the way they live and interact with each other and the environment.

If we can agree that the environment is being damaged by human occupation, that problems of pollution, social inequality, and scarcity of resources are becoming evident, then we might also agree that it is appropriate to look for and promote change at every level, such that generations to come will have a greater chance of living within the earths’ carrying capacity and with less conflict over resources and in greater harmony.

I suggest that people might be engaged in the sustainability debate by a bottom up approach, encouraging people to become aware of their lives in context and their individual impact, including their daily consumption and waste production. Once engaged people are more likely to assist by being greener in their lives, actions and purchases.

The way information is disseminated, and by whom, has an effect on its uptake, National policy is so widely focused that individuals are not enthused or engaged. A local approach via a local centre, a node, with and through which people, groups, community and governance communicate might have greater success. Projects might originate from this centre, in turn creating links forming a mesh to support sustainability initiatives and different ways of working.

A ‘Centre for Sustainability’, located in Leeds, could stimulate public interest in sustainable development, in community, and encourage support for local business, local food production and a circular economy.

Please find attached a longer paper developing the case for a centre for Sustainability in Leeds.

A Centre for Sustainability in Leeds 05-03-13 rev3

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Paul Quarmby