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Community Led Housing in Leeds

Some surprises from Community Led Housing in Leeds!

Last Friday Leaders for Leeds met to find out more about Community Led Housing in Leeds – thank you to Steve Hoey, Director Canopy Housing, for hosting and to Leeds City Council for providing the venue.

Thanks also to Fiona Triller who shares her thoughts on the event below. If you would like to keep up to date with all things Leaders for Leeds – you can subscribe for updates here.

The great thing about this network is you never know what interesting /exciting things are going to be discussed.

Friday’s session was no exception – the topic for the morning was social housing something I guess many of us think we know about i.e. it is council housing or housing associations, but this session showed how diverse the sector is and how much more they do!

Steve Hoey started the session off and various colleagues from different organisations shared what their organisations were involved in. Different organisations support different client groups and do good work restoring derelict properties back to use.

Some great conversation followed, ranging from the slightly off the wall idea of using canal barges to supplement the housing portfolio in Leeds to the innovative and practical formation of Leeds Community Housing (subject to various legal and legislative hurdles being jumped!) The formation of Leeds Community Housing hopefully will offer civic minded investors the opportunity to buy shares in the organisation.

My takeaways from the morning were a) I had no idea how much work was going on in the social housing arena and b) it was great to go to a networking event where people actually networked!

Fiona Triller
OD Manager, Leeds City Council