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Worth a Read

As a Leader in Leeds you probably come across a lot of interesting stuff every day. Here’s a place where you can share ‘what’s on your radar’ – the things you’ve seen, heard and read that others might find interesting too. It could be a blog, article, presentation or reports. Just send us the direct link to the content as it appears online and signpost people there.

A are Connect Policy Brief  exploring how local welfare systems affect women’s participation in paid work and their impact on women’s position in society. The study is examining arrangements in 11 cities in as many European countries, with Leeds as the UK case study.


A Day at the Park
This short story was developed by ‘Mused’ – it is something of a day-dreaming journal with a twist. A Day at the Park puts forward good thoughts about ‘Questions and Answers’. Definitely worth a read…


New network says everyone in Leeds can be a leader

Local Leaders, the new name for the Guardian Local Government Network, resonates strongly with a group of leaders who have come together in the city of Leeds to work on making change happen in the area – Leaders for Leeds…read more


Occasional Address

Watch Tim Minchin giving  an “occasional address” for a graduation ceremony at the University of Western Australia…read more


The Social Era Is More Than Social MediaThings we once considered opposing forces–doing right by people and delivering results, collaborating and keeping focus, having a social purpose and making money–are really not in opposition. They never have been…read more


 Welcome to the #SocialEra

When I say, “Social is and can be more than media,” people resist. It’s as if the two words (social and media) are now permanently fused together. But they shouldn’t be…read more


Local regeneration

“Have faith and try and change the world” was the plea of the recently departed New Labour strategist Lord Gould. And there is no doubt that one of the best ways to achieve such an admirable goal is to focus on changing the world around you…read more

The benefits of backseat leadership

“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit” was a phrase coined by US president Harry Truman, but in reality the idea of backseat leadership has been around a lot longer...read more

The Leaderless Organization

We honor our leaders and always have.  In both public and business life they are treated with almost godlike reverence. I guess that’s why we compensate our corporate chiefs hundreds of times more than we do the average worker…read more


 Leeds Health Innovation Hub

Leeds and Partners today welcomed a high profile UKTI delegation to the city as part of their UK Medtec briefing tour. The delegation were meeting key figures from the region’s health innovation..read more


A new philosophy for leadership

The current leadership model for business and finance was created at a time when leaders were convinced they knew best, abetted by an elite group of economists who were convinced that they knew the way the world worked – or should work…read more


Complexity & Management Centre

At the Complexity and Management Conference 2013 our guest speaker, Ann Cunliffe, described her ideas about what she terms relational leadership, which are also set out in an article in Human Relations...read more


 Leadership & Networks 

Some leaders ask whether networks are just the current fad or whether they should instead become a core strategy of leadership programs working in the nonprofit sector…read more