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Purpose, Objectives and Focus of Leaders for Leeds

Purpose – to develop leadership that works for the city as a whole; to capitalise on our individual leadership development efforts; using Leaders for Leeds as a place to experiment as a partnership and network


  1. To develop leadership behaviours that will deliver ‘best city’ outcomes
  2. To ‘test’ a civic enterprise approach to leadership in Leeds
  3. To co-develop new forms of leadership development for the city

Our Focus

Supporting committed leaders with a shared purpose to develop their relationships, better connect their networks, accelerate progress, and make a positive difference in Leeds.

We are supporting the development of leadership connections that –  

  • Self organise and collaborate
  • Share leadership and impact positively
  • View new ideas and our differences as assets, and
  • Work with and alongside the citizens of Leeds

The principles to the Leeds approach are that Leaders –

  • Connect networks
  • Co-operate on solutions
  • Enable others
  • Learn by trying
  • Lead together, and

Thank you for joining in and helping shape a ‘Leaderful’ Leeds!