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Preparing for the City Wide Conversation on Leadership for Leeds

At the Design Session for Leaders for Leeds on June 13, we agreed:

  1. The event will have a proposition that links…leadership/ connectivity in the city/ action
  2. The event will utilise ‘tools’ such as World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry to ensure we discuss the core questions relevant to those participating and through which we can model becoming more and more connected to each other
  3. The event will be advertised through a range of networks in the city to capture participants from a range of sectors, backgrounds and interests. People will self nominate on the basis that they have a positive idea or story to tell that links to the key proposition
  4. We will seek out people in Leeds to help us that already have experiencing of the ‘tools’ we are proposing to use to guide our development of the half day session
  5. We will take up the offer of Leeds City Council to use the Town Hall as the venue for the event on the afternoon of Friday October 12
  6. Participants of Leaders for Leeds will challenge themselves to raise other monies needed for the event e.g. refreshments

Dates and time for the planning meetings for the event are:

11 July 12.00 to 13.00 at the Civic Hall, top of Millenium Square.
8 August 12.00 to 13.00 at the Civic Hall, top of Millenium Square.

If you want to have a chat before the meeting please contact Jane Stageman.