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Leaders for Leeds is committed to creating mentoring opportunities throughout Leeds. We have identified some basic criteria for those interested in becoming a mentor, see below!  Please get in touch and look out for future events.

For more inspiration hear Claude ‘Hopper’ Hendrickson talk about his experiences – here and here!

Mentors will:
1.       Have a track record of doing this type of support in your own organisation.

2.       Be aware of, and understand the barriers real or perceived for this group of young people, and can support the mentees to grow in confidence.

3.       Help these young people develop the social and networking skills to support young people that often find themselves on the ‘outside’ in terms of social norms.

4.       Be willing to mentor in a peer pair (where we offer mentoring in pairs) so that we can make sure the mentoring itself if really great quality.

5.       Be curious about the young people’s experiences and open to learning from them.

6.       Be willing to take part in a review process to co-produce the very best mentoring scheme we can in Leaders for Leeds (at least one dialogue session a year).

7.       Be willing to undertake a DBS check, when required.

8.       Be able to commit to at least six sessions of one hour for the mentee for one year.

9.       Take part in the Leaders for Leeds induction programme (2 evening sessions) which includes ethos of Leaders for Leeds, diversity, cultural awareness, safeguarding, expectations and peer review.

We look forward to working together to support the city’s young people flourish!

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