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Leading Communities Seminar

Wednesday 17th April 2013

12:30pm Lunch & Registration

1:00pm Start

5:00pm Close

There are two distinct types of leadership being exercised in and with communities – leadership coming from the community itself (community leadership) and leadership coming from institutions established to service individuals and communities (institutional leadership). The third sector often falls between the two. The power of institutions (NHS, Local Government, Police, Education) comfortable with hierarchy often seeps into community leadership, which tends to be more peer based; shaping how community leaders are expected to behave, engage, communicate.

This seminar explores the necessity of the difference of these two types of leadership, the potential of community leadership, and how to make the most of both in service to communities.We will be exploring these questions:

  • Top down or Bottom up, what works?
  • How can civic enterprise be encouraged?
  • How do people understand their leadership in the third sector and in communities?
  • How do leaders manage the boundary between personal and public experience and knowledge?

This seminar is provided as part of the Transform Leeds Programme, there is no fee to attend and we welcome participation from all sectors (and none!).

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