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Leaders for Leeds

Leeds has now set its vision for 2030, to be the ‘best city in the UK’, with a series of key priorities to be achieved by 2014 that will indicate progress.

However, across the city leaders are grappling with an uncertain world, trying to create certainty for businesses, workforces and citizens. No sector is untouched by the current financial climate and a fast changing society. Achieving city ambitions in this context will require harnessing our collective potential in the city and moving it forward. It may require different forms of leadership and different leadership behaviours.

Leeds has taken a lead role nationally in developing a concept of ‘civic enterprise’ to better deliver outcomes for people in our cities. This concept is based on the premise that services built on the strengths of the public, private and third sector will produce better outcomes for local people. Civic enterprise prompts fresh thinking about our approach to leadership in the city.