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At Leaders for Leeds on Monday 10th December, 200 leaders in Leeds gathered to find connections to help them lead in the City.

At the end of the event everyone made individual commitments, and here are some of them

  1. Following up with individuals to work together – with some clear ideas and agendas
  2. Engage with a broader range of people to develop our ways of thinking and working
  3. Seek out strategic leaders and connect them to our work
  4. Make more time to nurture my connections made todayGet sorted on social media!
  5. Offer my time to local organisation at Board level
  6. Introduce more informal/ engaging learning opportunities for my team/staff
  7. Tap into the talents here today to support my project
  8. Offer space for Leaders for Leeds to connect/share/ work

And some specifics…

  1. Work with the NHS to set up a mentoring network
  2. Form links with the University on promotions to students
  3. Get everyone pledged to become a member of Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for a great introduction to the network yesterday, I really enjoyed it!

    I blogged some initial thoughts inspired by the event setting out the stall to develop the reputation of Leeds as a Centre of Excellence in Digital Health- I’d welcome any feedback and offers to help with this- please comment on the blogpost linked below, or Tweet me @ClaireOT.

    See you next time!