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LEADERS FOR LEEDS – Developing Leaders for Best City Outcomes

More Leaders for Leeds is an open network to facilitate the kind of leadership the city needs right now.

More Leaders for Leeds is a place to connect, learn and grow. It’s a network of networks – we support networks and leaders of networks in the city that are making a difference. We are particularly committed to generating ideas and resources by networking networks and people from diverse places, sectors, interests, ambitions.

We tap into the experience and knowledge of our members, and the evidence available on effective networks to grow the effectiveness of networks in the City.

Our member networks are:

  1. Made up of members who are committed people with a shared purpose, and work together based on exchange – network members give and are open to receiving; and gain through that reciprocity.
  2. Self- organising and leadership is shared across members.
  3. Open to ideas, people, and see diversity and difference as an asset.
  4. Focused on impact – they make a difference in Leeds

This is what we believe about leading in Leeds

  1. Leaders know that assets can be found – you have to look with your eyes open
  2. Leaders connect – they seek and find others to enable them to ‘open doors’ to make a difference, they know you can only do it together.
  3. Leaders learn – they don’t fear failure, it’s part of being successful.
  4. Leaders look for assets not deficits – they support not disable.
  5. Leaders take action – they implement ideas into tangible results
  6. Leaders play it forward – they have the attitude of ‘growing the pie’

Our Leaders for Leeds network questions are

  1. How do we lead together?
  2. What if communities were determining their future?
  3. How do we support individual leaders and leaders that can work as together as peers?
  4. How do we make the most of the talent, ideas of all the people in the city within a collective ambition/ purpose?

How to join us

Please join More Leaders for Leeds if:

  • you can commit yourself and your networks to the ambition of More Leaders for Leeds;
  • you can put your hand on your heart and say that your network has all the characteristics of our member networks;
  • you agree with our beliefs about leadership in Leeds and can grow those beliefs;
  • you are prepared to learn, share, support, engage and shape the Leaders for Leeds network

What does joining in mean?

  • It means joining in with events in the network
  • It means joining up – offering your support to other networks in More Leaders for Leeds; making the most of others in the network to work on your leadership issues
  • It means seeking connections from other parts of the city, other sectors, other people to better understand how we can together facilitate leadership for leeds.
  • It means shaping how More Leaders for Leeds makes an impact, by taking action as a leader in the network.

What happens?

Our first ‘launch’ event is on the 10th December and there are still a small number of places left (09.00 – 13.30). This event focuses on sharing practical insights and learning lessons from others leading networks in the City, as well as making progress on your own challenges.

We work in 3 ways

  1. Facilitating networks who have some aligned / shared ambition (e.g. improving the future for young people; a place where you can age well) to see if there is more they can do together.
  2. Supporting projects in the city by providing additional resource (intelligence, ideas, practical support, just helping out, opening doors)- come to Leaders for Leeds with any project/ issue that you think would be better with more/diverse capacity and see if the network can help.
  3. Just knowing each other – spending time finding out about and learning from other leaders in the City, so we increase our potential for better impact. We do this at the moment in our breakfast forums.
  4. Learning about being great network leaders – by providing resources/ intelligence on the website and in discussion groups