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Leaders for Leeds Annual Conference

As you know our annual event is on the Thursday 5th December 09.00 – 13.30  and as with all Leaders for Leeds events this is a great opportunity to work together.

I would like to remind you about an opportunity for you to ‘problem solve’ at the event! You may have some work that you think would benefit from more engagement from others in the City, or a new start-up that needs advice, or you want to set up a new scheme for your employees that connects them to the city, or you want to share educational resource.

Please let us know if you have a challenge or opportunity you would like to share with colleagues at the event to get advice, support, ideas. It doesn’t need to expertly formed or presented, you will just need to be able to summarise it succinctly for colleagues who you will talk with at small tables, to get their input. It would be great for us to have an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that will be raised on the day in order team to help with making connection. Please get in touch with Ed Carlisle and Becky Malby at r.l.malby@leeds.ac.uk to share ahead of the event.

Also, we would really like every member who has one to provide 1 pull-up banner for the organisation you work for/ group you belong too. We want to frame the event space with our Leaders for Leeds members, please let us know if you are going to bring a banner. Please contact Natalie if you would like to display your banner at n.leach@leeds.ac.uk or 0113 343 5599.