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Leaders for Leeds 2014 – The year ahead

Shortly we will be circulating the debrief and summary from the annual event. Leaders for Leeds will work to follow up on those issues raised and discussed.

We are aware that some issues may not have been discussed and we would like to hear of anything that you would like Leaders for Leeds to address during 2014. Please post any suggestion for discussion here along with any ideas for future meetings/workshops/get-togethers. The Leaders for Leeds team will support any suggestions as much as possible.

For information, there is always a space at CIHM, University of Leeds, that can house any meetings. However we would encourage the network to take the meeting to diverse venues across the city. From seminar rooms and discussions over coffee, to a ‘walk and talk’ in a local park – lets incorporate it all into 2014!!!

Please be assured that all the feedback regarding access to events has been taken on board and we are working to address these issues. Watch this space!

Please do let us know of anything that you would like your netwok to address or incorporate. Either post your comments one the website or email Natalie on n.leach@leeds.ac.uk.

Here’s to a great 2014 for Leaders for Leeds!