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It is 10 years hence….

…the welfare state as we know it has shrunk beyond recognition.

Britain is a low income economy and there is no growth in GDP. Pensions are the only remaining universal benefit. Housing shortage is the source of community and racial tension. Corporate tax hovers at 20%. In health, consultations happen virtually and when triggered by data. Independent schools are failing, but there is no policy to deal with them. Those in work are working longer. A belief that elitism is good dominates. Public faith in institutions is low.

  • This is a fictional but potential scenario. It leads us to ask:
  • What if there was hardly any funding for the ‘state’ sector at all?
  • What sort of choice would we have?
  • Who rations services?
  • Where would support come from? From beneficiaries? From each other?
  • If we found ourselves in this future how would we manage?

This one-day event is open to anyone interested in working through how to generate capacity for the future in the statutory, third and corporate sectors. We have developed a number of Future Scenarios to help us work through multiple assumptions and options. We will be looking at what this means for our sectors now and over the few years. You will be taking up positions within a number of scenarios and working on the implications for communities and institutions. These scenarios won’t tell us what will happens, only what is possible, but they will help us build resilience into the choices we make now.

The big challenge is how to work towards uncertain futures with our core values intact.

You will leave the event with clarity about what needs to happen now to face the future in your community/sector.

Ticket Price

Third Sector: £140:00

Other Sector: £320:00

Unemployed/students: please contact us.

Location: Leeds

Time: 10.00-17.00

Date: Wednesday 24th April 

Bethany Lister

Events Coordinator


7 Responses

  1. Anamaria Wills

    This sounds really interesting – I’m probably being dim but I can’t see a date – when is it plse?

  2. Yarra Sanchez

    The “contact us” link doesn’t seem to be linked to any email address. Do you know how much tickets for university students would be?
    Thank you in advance!