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Increasing Participation – Some ideas

The first is that we run a Leaders4Leeds twitter account that gets rotated through interested members on a weekly basis.  This would give us an insight into the working lives of members and the issues they are working on and provide a homebase on twitter.  I have set up @leaders4leeds in anticipation.  All we need now is a volunteer or two to fly it through its first weeks!

The second is that we set up a time for a leaders4leeds twitterchat possibly using #l4leeds.  This would be at a fixed time for an hour every week, and by following the hashtag a conversation might ensue, new leaders and followers be found etc.  All we need to do is agree a time…

A number of other suggestions were made about Linked In groups, facebook pages etc all with a view of finding people in the online spaces they already inhabit and drawing them into face to face encounters such as breakfast meetings where appropriate.  The only barrier to this happening is someone finding the time to do it!

We could also develop the functionality of the existing website to allow people to join, develop profiles, hold conversations etc.  This would require a bit of cash to do the development

But we also need to work hard on non digital engagement.  Different times, different venues (city centre is much cheaper for most to access) and above all making sure that meetings are both welcoming and useful.

If you would like to find out more about Leaders for Leeds and how we might widen participation I (Mike Chitty – @mikechitty) plan to be in Brewbar under the Art Gallery from 2pm on Thursday and 1.30pm on Friday until 4pm ish.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions, volunteers to do stuff all welcome!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike
    Think I’ve said to you before. Would love to get involved in leaders4leeds, but the breakfast meetings are a real problem for me with childcare, so anything later in the day would be great. Happy to volunteer for the twitter account, but probably more interesting when I’ve got an intensive course running – mid June good for me.
    Best wishes

  2. Good meeting with you today Mike.
    I would restate that payment and sharing work through payments in kind, or a Leeds £, would loosen up the sharing we need to become a thriving network.

    Community engagement is essential, and to get this the Ketso engagement tool kit system http://www.ketso.com/ is very very good and inclusive…

    If the main employers, council leaders, etc want to develop a useful and effective self perpetuating Leaders’ for Leads to help provide a resilient, thriving, community accessible, and sustainable city region, they will need to put some work and resources into supporting these early days, and encourage people taking over the networking connections and activities.