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Our first Conference! 5th December 2013

On the windiest day in 60 years, Thursday 5th December, the Leaders for Leeds network met to consider the impact that Leaders for Leeds has had since it began in December 2012.

We combed our windswept hair and straightened our clothes to get to work on some of the challenges, issues and opportunities that grace our great city of Leeds today!


A number of groups formed to work on city-wide issues together

Issue 1: Campaign in the city to tackle high cost lenders, working with schools to tackle the issue early on, having a major city-wide campaign, and all Leaders for Leeds to voluntarily ban high cost lending, with alternative credit options. Steve Carey

Issue 2: How to engage more leaders in the city in Leaders for Leeds through our own networks and by using social media and online sharing (webcasts, live blogging). Victoria Betton.

Issue 3: How can we make little conversations count? Is it OK to be working in smaller groups to change the city? We need leaders that ‘do’. Concluded that we need to celebrate the micro and the mosaic. Joe Alderdice and Jenny Hill

Issue 4: Tour de France – how to make it an inclusive event with a clearer message on celebrating Leeds. Offers of help came from the Leeds Carnival, and suggestions for working with different communities in the City. Peter Smith

Issue 5: New Best City Leadership Programme – bringing leaders together around real issues that need collective leadership in the City, and will create a legacy. This starts next year if we can get sponsorship. James BriningL4L Dec 2013 Graphic - Issues

Issue 6: Keeping Leeds graduates in Leeds. This group worked on loads of ways of making the city attractive to our graduates to work in, as there is a perception that its better everywhere else (!). This included working more closely with businesses and setting up an online hub. Susie Gorden

Issue 7: Carnival how to get the city more involved with Carnival. One way is for Carnival to support other events in the City, and to work more closely with other institutions eg the University, take carnival out of chapeltown. Hughbon Condor

Issue 8: South Leeds Academy asked for help establishing their own student leaders
hip group. Offers of help came from Leeds Community Trust and University of Leeds Student Union. It was great to hear the students talking about the issues they wanted to change from truanting to more engaging teaching. Deborah Easton

Thank you to all those that we able to join, both in the room and in the twitterspere!

A huge thank you to everyone who planned, donated, contributed, delivered and participated in the event and for your commitment to the network.