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  1. Spot on! This is absolutely what needs to happen. If we could get Leeds City Region to move to this paradigm, it would enable most of what we are trying to do as a group in individual settings. Every quango, every department, and every initiative from government states that it wants to be the platform, but quickly moves to solutions provider. We learned our own lesson on a micro scale as do-gooder social entrepreneurs in a hurry. This approach could have positive reverberations at macro and micro level in the 3rd sector, government, and public services.

    Mike: why don’t you set out a simple framework for the group to chew on….How to action this thinking?
    What we know: Gov’t is not best provider. Innovation needs environment. But, we want some amount of government intervention to ensure fair and open society. A platform approach would enable this.

    Fab find….the kind of thinking I think will resonate across party and philosophical lines. I look forward to supporting this dialogue and moving this idea into action.

    1. admin

      If only there were enough hours in the day!
      We do of course have a commission on civic enterprise, taking evidence from those who have the time and resources to present it to them.
      Let’s hope that these clever folk with the resources to do the job….do the job.
      There was also some enthusiasm for an inequality hackathon too. Finding the ideas is the easy (ish) bit. The hard bit is finding the committed leadership to execute….moving from words to actions…
      Are we up for it?
      Are we up to it?