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Exploring the Cult of Leadership

Complexity and Management Conference 7-9th June 2013

“Some of the topics we may find ourselves discussing are whether the  assumption that leadership is distinct for management really holds; whether the necessary exercise of authority in organisations can always be understood in terms of what leaders are doing; whether the concept of leadership has been so widely stretched and differentiated (servant leadership, distributed leadership, self-leadership, leadership and followership, even upwards leadership) that it has become meaningless and unhelpful. Because it is so widely spoken about, yet so little understood,  it becomes a very important topic for critical reflection.”


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  1. Leadership is distinct from management’? Surely there are layers of leadership?

    What seems to matter more these days is the ‘perception’ of leadership – not least in the arena where central government ministers seem to need the reassurance of local leadership competence to justify handing over control (and funds) and new freedoms to enable local authorities to get on with doing things in their own way.

    Locality advocacy – lobbying and marketing – has never been so important in the quest for innovation and socio-economic growth.