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Breakfast perspective from Richard Whitmill

I came to the Breakfast Forum looking for ideas and perspectives on developing leadership in Leeds, particularly within the Third Sector. This is going to be important for my work with support and development organisations in the Third Sector. But I left feeling encouraged about leadership more widely in the city – both across and between sectors in Leeds.

We talked about supporting innovators and those who wanted to stretch beyond what’s already being done. We heard from Mike about supporting overwhelmers and tackling whelmers (see Mike’s piece on this). What support can we give to those people within organisations and systems who want to truly develop and create something transformational? Well what I got from today is that we need to encourage creative thinking, to let innovators come together to share ideas and to support them in doing their day job.

Creating a network that encompasses public, private and third sectors should be a key part of this. I heard from Jane about the Commission on the Future of Local Government and their mantra: encompassing the enterprise of the private sector, the transparency of the public sector and the interconnectedness of the third sector. There’s a lot in that – there’s so much we can learn from each other and bring to the table.

With that in mind we were set a challenge at the end of the meeting. We need more leaders from the private sector to be involved in developing More Leaders for Leeds. So were challenged to bring a friend from the business community to the next meeting. So if that’s you, please come along. If you’re from the public or third sector bring someone with you. I’m going to try and bring along someone from social enterprise, who will you bring?

Richard Whitmill

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  1. admin

    Must confess public sector claims of ‘transparency’ can be hard to fathom, much of the private sector is low on enterprise, and the third sector is perhaps not as connected as we might, at first blush, expect!

    But yes, leadership across sectors has to be an issue for all of us and joining forces and resources, collaborating, to achieve better outcomes for the city.