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A Problem/Opportunity Based Approach to New Leaders for Leeds

Since we started to meet as Leaders for Leeds there has been talk about wrapping our collective leadership skills around ‘a real project in the  city’, to help get something done and to take a ‘problem based’  or ‘action research based’ approach to leadership development.  In other words lets try to learn by doing….

Now Leeds is packed to the rafters with good people doing great projects in all sorts of arenas.  And for much of the time they make pretty good progress and just need to be left alone.  But most of them, at some point, hit barriers, get stuck in the mud, run out of resources (especially time) or are missing a key piece to their puzzle.  This is when they need help, and can struggle to find it.

How can Leaders for Leeds set up mechanisms that:

  1. find these people and projects,
  2. connect them to others with whom they share a common cause
  3. help them to build the power that they need to move their work forward
  4. provide ideas, insights and other resources that will help on a just in time basis?

Perhaps provide a meeting point (real or virtual) where such people and projects can be found, and then enable a cross section of the Leeds community to listen to the challenges and then see how they can help.  It might a be bit like a Leeds Community Enterprise Accelerator….