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A New Way of Meeting?

Seems that several folk are keen to try supplementing existing L4L meetings with a new format designed to build relationships and understanding by exploring real challenges faced by members in their work in the city.

The suggestions is that perhaps on a monthly basis we hold a meeting for 60-90 minutes where one of our members presents a case study of a project or a problem that they are working on and invites colleagues in Leaders for Leeds to offer ideas, insights, challenges and generally to give the issue a bit of an interrogation.

This might serve to:

  • Allow us to get to know each other better by seeing how we approach real life problems and challenges
  • Develop fresh insights and perspectives on some thorny issues
  • Build our understanding of the context in which some of our partners in Leaders for Leeds are working.

What do you think?  Good idea?  Would you come along?  How can we make sure it works well?

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