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A City Wide Leadership Conversation….

We are proposing to hold  our first ever city wide conversation on leadership challenges for Leeds. We want people who have a passion for shared leadership and to working better together to join in. It will be an opportunity to share stories, views and ideas on what we can do to connect our leadership efforts to deliver great outcomes for the city and the people who live and work in it.

We will be posting further information about the event soon and in the meantime if you would like to join the planning group contact suzanne.walker@leeds.gov.uk. Also you can find more information here.

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  1. GrowingPoints is about to be launched as a charity with the objective of providing help and support to people from excluded communities make a contribution to leadership in health and Social Care. Already we have Guardians from leadership positions who mentor people, link them into exciting opportunities and guide them to great things. We also provide small grants to help deliver their ambition. We want to work with organisations who share our ambition and are linked to people who want to make their leadership ambitions a reality.