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A Breakfast Perspective from Jane Stageman

Jane Stageman works for the city council and has a lead role in human resource strategy and organisational development“One of the ways the Council is stimulating new thinking amongst leaders of council services is to support a new approach to mentoring.

This is bringing together those leading services in the city from the public, private and the Third Sector. A new network of personal relationships is developing that is supporting more collaborative working across sectors as well as encouraging those involved from a local authority background to be more ‘enterprising’ and those in business to be more’ civic’.

Discussion at the ‘More Leaders for Leeds’ first breakfast meeting is now challenging me to think about how I, and others in this network, can more fully embrace change that is responsive to and driven by local people in the city. One way is to act as ‘buffers’ against ‘top down’ policy and ‘silo-based’ approaches (see Rob’s perspective) and enable others to innovate and take risks to engage and empower local people. Another is to make more time and space to understand the experiences of, and listen to the priorities of, different communities and diverse groups living and working in the city.

A leadership movement that is driven and accountable to local people – that truly would be something!

Jane Stageman

Jane Stageman works for Leeds City Council and has a lead role in human resource strategy and organisational development