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A Breakfast Perspective from Becky Malby

Becky Malby - Director - Centre for Innovation in Health Management, Leeds

It was really good to start the day with peers, working on our own assumptions and views about each others issues, and on generating some collective understanding. Starting the day with thinking rather than doing, had a good knock-on effect in terms of my personal energy. A few things struck me

  1. There are lots of us working in places in the City with no idea what / who the rest of the leaders in Leeds are working on/with. We could do so much more if we could amplify each others efforts.
  2. Our bureaucracies have shunned measuring performance that is valued by the public. What we measure and reward just isn’t what people want. What if we only rewarded people for doing work that made a difference in Leeds? I’m going to see what I can do in terms of measuring my own organisation (CIHM)’s performance in ways that reflects our local and national impact.
  3. We seem to invest in ‘failing’ parts of the system. Why don’t we invest in parts that are working, and create a ‘pull’. We should be rewarding what we want more of.
  4. We need lots of initiatives, including a team working on unlocking the system from bureaucracy that is getting in the way; supporting councillors to work on behalf of the whole city as well as their local patch; developing GPs ability to work on the factors that cause communities to struggle; learning together across al organisations whenever we try to do work together (Health and Well-being board are starting with learning and that has to be good)

So right now I’m going to look at our performance measures and look at the website map whenever I’m working with a group so I can see who else is working in the same place.

Becky Malby – Director – Centre for Innovation in Health Management