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This is a great short video to get you thinking about how learning is structured and supported in your organisations and communities.

70% of what we learn we learn from the context of our work.  So if this context is primarily siloed and policy goal oriented – that is what we will learn, primarily.

Clues for me are:

  • Put the emphasis on self managed learning rather than feeding people content
  • Narrow the gap between rhetoric and reality when it comes to silos, policy and people powered
  • Short courses with opportunities to practice are perhaps the way to go
  • Develop processes and cultures that facilitate informal self managed learning
  • Develop content rich learning environments that people can draw onas they see fit.

So how might we do this on a city wide basis that provides a common language, sense of common purpose and makes a real difference?

1 Response

  1. I’m pleased you find it useful. you’ve picked some of the key points – emphasise and support self-managed learning opportunities and enrol managers – they have the greatest impact on performance and more opportunities to encourage and support workplace learning (which is where most learning occurs).

    And think outside the course/curriculum box.