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Leaders for Leeds Challenge Programme

Come and join us in developing this idea!  Our next meeting is on January 30, 4 – 5 pm in the Carriageworks, entrance on Millenium Square. Come and join us!

Benefits of a programme

For contributing individuals, groups and organisations, the opportunity to:

  • Shape a programme that brings leaders together around real issues that need collective leadership in the city
  • Contribute talent or resources that will deliver a programme of quality for the city
  • Learn from and be inspired by leaders from all walks of life in the city

For participating individuals, the opportunity to:

  • Share experiences and learning with other people who are influencing change in communities and/ or different areas of city life
  • Develop qualities and skills that will ‘grow’ their leadership role
  • Learn about and contribute to key issues for the city

For the city, the opportunity to:

  • Have leaders from all walks of life provide solutions on ‘key issues and projects’
  • Know the city is building a stronger and stronger collective resource of leaders
  • Build more people committed to making Leeds the best city in the UK

Learning through ‘doing’ programme

Shared Agendas

  • A shared work agenda with live issues/projects tackled such as increasing employability amongst black and minority ethnic youth, growing a digital city, minimising poverty.
  • Action learning support to develop skills, behaviours and strategies that will lead to successful outcomes from work on issues and projects.

Learning Together

  • Learning opportunities for participants to explore values and beliefs, develop behaviours and skills and ‘grow’ as more trusted leaders, based on L4L principles
  • Learning opportunities drawing on the rich evidence base available in the city and providing community, city region and national perspectives and open to participants and the wider Leaders for Leeds network.

Collaborative Delivery to make it accessible to all

  • Large private and public organisations to sponsor the programme with donations, venues and refreshments
  • Communities and groups to host exploratory visits to inform work on key issues and projects in the city
  • Individuals to offer expertise in areas such as organizing and administration, facilitation, reflective learning, coaching and mentoring, evaluation and more
  • All to market, promote and source funding and participants for the programme

To be put on the mailing list for future meetings, contact Shabnam.Kausar@leeds.gov.uk